About the Encampment

Journey to Martin’s Station to see how settlers prepared for the harsh winter ahead with a festive frontier celebration.

Martin’s Fall Encampment brings the frontier to life with a weekend of history and adventure. Become immersed in living history as you meet historical figures such as Joseph Martin, John Redd and others as they gather for a festive social before the harsh winter months invade the Powell’s Valley. Visit an 18th century market faire, meet skilled colonial tradesmen and participate in life as it was on Virginia’s frontier.

During your visit on Saturday, follow the sounds of bluegrass music to the Karlan Mansion as the Friends and the park celebrate our rich historical and cultural heritage at the annual Heritage Festival. Appalachian craft-makers fill the lawn of the Karlan mansion with their wares as bluegrass music dances in the air. The sweet smell of home cooking by vendors will tickle your taste buds and make your visit pleasurable.​

“We started just as the sun began to gild the tops of the high mountains. We ascended Cumberland Mountain, from the top of which the bright luminary of day appeared to our view in all his rising glory; the mists dispersed and the floating clouds hasted away at his appearing. This is the famous Cumberland Gap…” – James Smith, 1792